Price for Nissan Navara

Nissan Navara Vehicles have had a price that has remained pretty much the same during the last months. The prices for this particular model have remained constant recently.

S$ 46,371.5
Average price Last 6 months
Price for Nissan Navara

The selling prices for Nissan Navara cars have remained constant in the last 6 months. The average price for August is S$ 45,640. During September there was a slight reduction in the selling prices dropping till S$ 40,800. The average selling price has remained fairly constant during the following two months, going from S$ 43,220 to S$ 41,291. The average price has had spectacular rise of 29 % with an average price of S$ 42,255.5 during the previous 4 months and S$ 54,603.5 during the most recent months in December and January.

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Average price January
Number of Nissan Navara ads used
S$ 61,114
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