Price for Toyota Altis

Toyota Altis Vehicles have experienced a considerable decrease in their selling price recently. This model has gone through a strong reduction in its selling price.

S$ 42,850
Average price Last 6 months
Price for Toyota Altis

The selling price for Toyota Altis cars has had a strong depreciation during the last 6 months we have studied. During the first month analyzed in August the average price was S$ 60,200. September went through a strong inflation with a rise in the price till S$ 70,800. The average selling price has remained fairly constant during the following two months, going from S$ 65,500 to S$ 63,050. In the last two months, the price has gone through a strong devaluation of -100 % compared to the 4 previous average values going down from S$ 64,275 to .

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Average price January
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